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German Git Introduction

While cleaning up my desktop I stumbled across a file called It turned out to be a short introduction to Git that I wrote for a few fellow students at the beginning of a joint project. Over the years I’ve had several requests for the document in question and it was always lost somewhere in the depths of my home directory or in the gitlab wiki of some university project. I’ve decided to publish the introduction here on my blog mainly for archiving purposes. That’s why I won’t bother translating it into english.

Schedule Automatic Backups With Systemd

Backups can be a real lifesaver and the lack of them can make your life really miserable. I noticed this after my latest btrfs-disaster (yeah.. i switched back to ext4 for now). After this episode which involved some hackish btrfs restore usage I got really serious about backups.

Local Wildcard Domains for Web Development

Web developers quickly experience the pain of having to browse to localhost:[port] for each and every project they develop locally. The major issue for me was that my browser history for those URLs quickly became cluttered with all kinds of routes mixed from different projects.